Comprehensive Approach

Across industries and across the country, Frannet delivers hands-on restructuring, financial, operational and strategic services that help healthy companies grow and troubled companies get back on track.


Our professionals breadth of experience and depth of understanding of our clients business allows us to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving. Frannet provides solutions that guide your company to where you need it to be.

Our Services Include

  • Financial Performance Services
  • Chief Restructuring Officer Services
  • Turnaround Management Consulting
  • Operations Consulting
  • Crisis Management
  • Performance Improvement
  • Interim Executive Management
  • Due Dilligence Services


Comprehensive approach for maximum value

Frannet's Financial Arrangements Advisory practice provides a comprehensive approach to maximizing value for our clients in the individual actions to the company's financing arrangements.

Take the advantage
of Wisdom in Action

Turnaround & Crisis Management

Frannet delivers hands-on financial, operational and strategic action that rapidly produces results. We deliver results regardless of the situation, keeping in mind company’s financial goals and drive to uphold responsibilities to customers, employees, suppliers and lenders. We consider all the issues surrounding company’s business, and we work to restore profitability through strategies such as reducing costs, resolving production problems, restructuring the balance sheet and re-establishing credibility with lenders and other creditors. Our mandate is simple and direct: improve results and restore value to company’s business and its stakeholders. Frannet has earned the confidence of constituents that may be involved in a turnaround engagement: debtors, creditors, customers, shareholders, suppliers, investment banks, courts of law and legal counsel. For example, our reputation among creditors for integrity, objectivity, diligance, and candor adds credibility to the financial restructuring efforts of the clients we represent.

Chief Restructuring Officer Services (CRO-Services)

A CRO is needed to perform a number of different roles during the restructuring process. Thus, a lender, creditor and debtor in possession will likely try to find a CRO that has hands-on expertise and experience in the debtor’s industry and in restructuring, as well as an ability to interact with and bring together the different sectors of a company’s business and its various constituencies. Each restructuring case presents different and unique challenges from the Shareholders, Stakeholders, Lenders and Creditors point of view.

CRO role

Business Growth Strategy

Crisis Management Solutions

  • Knowledge, skills and attitude, as well as the ability to operate
  • Discipline, competition, working community and transformation
  • Industry requirements and its associated expertise
  • Company's cash flow and financial position
  • A key role in the earnings logic
  • Within the minimum of time, minimum of resources ends up to the maximum of performance
  • New innovations are mostly old combinations – regeneration

and Financial
Advisory firm


  • What is the precondition of the company
  • What is the structure and the strategy of the company
  • Management and staff competence and willingness to take action
  • Company's cash flow and financial position
  • Income statement and balance sheet situation
  • Financiers and owners' interests
  • Turnaround program, implementation and follow-up
  • What to do non-core businesses
  • The company's new strategic plan (the future)

Erkki Niskanen

Erkki Niskanen
Chairman of the Board

  • CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer)
  • CTP at EACTP - European Association of Certified Turnaround Professionals
  • TMC - Turnaround Management Consulting
  • LJK - Liikkeenjohdon konsultit ry
  • Directors’ Institute of Finland - Hallitusammattilaiset ry
  • TMC - Turnaround Management Consulting
  • AB - Advisory Board

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